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How to automatically cleanup your Unity C# code using Rider

Personally I am a huge fan of Rider, the IDE from JetBrains when developing Unity games, C# code or even Angular and NodeJS applications. One of the things I like is to organise my methods, properties, fields etc into regions and sorted by name, access type and so forth. Luckily Rider can do this for you and much more. In this post I will show you how to do it yourself.Read more >

How to add Google Play Services to your Unity game

For some time I have struggled to get Google Play Services working in my Unity game. There is so much to install and configure but I didn't find one single guide which showed how to do it right from the start to the end. In this article I will guide you through the entire process, right from installing tools, configuring Unity and setting up Google Developer Console and Game Services. Hopefully I can save you some pain.Read more >

Unity Android: Unable to install APK to device

When you encounter the error 'Unable to install APK to device' it actually means that you don't have the right version of the Android SDK installed. I will show you how to analyse and resolve it.Read more >

Unity Android: Unable to load dll ‘gpg’

When deploying your Unity game to an Android device you might see the error: Unable to load dll 'gpg'. In this post I will show you how solve this issue.Read more >

Unity: Unable to instantiate prefab. Prefab may be broken.

When opening a project in an older, side-by-side, version of Unity you might notice the error: Unable to instantiate prefab. Prefab may be broken, when trying to add a Prefab to your scene. It looks like you are not able to drag any prefab into your scene. Luckily, the solution is easy.Read more >