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How to automatically cleanup your Unity C# code using Rider

Personally I am a huge fan of Rider, the IDE from JetBrains when developing Unity games, C# code or even Angular and NodeJS applications. One of the things I like is to organise my methods, properties, fields etc into regions and sorted by name, access type and so forth. Luckily Rider can do this for you and much more. In this post I will show you how to do it yourself.Read more >

De FodMap NL app is live!

Eindelijk is hij er: de enige echte Nederlands FodMap NL app! Voor iedereen die het FodMap dieet volgt maar nog geen goede nederlands ingrediënten lijst kon vinden. Iedereen met darm problemen, prikkelbaar darm syndroom, verstopping, buikpijn, ontlastingsprobleem of opgeblazen gevoel zou gebaat kunnen zijn bij deze app.Read more >

New Blog Live!

It took a while but today I have launched my new blog using my own fresh design. I am looking forward to blog about Angular, Typescript, Nativescript, Ionic, Unity3D and other development topics I am working on. Stay tuned!Read more >