It took a while but today I have launched my new blog using my own fresh design. I am looking forward to blog about Angular, Typescript, Nativescript, Ionic, Unity3D and other development topics I am working on. Stay tuned!

New Blog Live!

More than 9 years I have had a blog on The articles where about Microsoft related technologies, architectural blog posts and game development. Most of these articles where outdated. Also, I have been focussing more and more on frontend technologies, mobile and open source topics. That’s the reason I decided to delete all of my old articles and move on to something new.

Topics on this blog

Like most developers I am constantly looking for answers and knowledge on the internet, through courses, conferences and books. Sometimes I am stuck on a particular piece of code for hours and when I finally find the solution I am anxious to share it with other people as well.

The same is true when I am reading an interesting blog article from someone else or when I am working on a prototype using new and exciting technology in my free time. Sharing is good!

The topics on this blog will be mostly about:

  • Angular 2+
  • Typescript
  • Ionic
  • NativeScript
  • Unity3D
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Hybrid Mobile Development
  • SASS

Stay tuned

So now that I have finished setting up the design of this site and blog posts I will soon publish my first post, else the work has all been for nothing. So stay tuned and please let me know if you like the articles through the Discqus comments.